Kelloway + Studio | David Kelloway

David KellowayKelloway Studio offers in-studio and on-location digital capture with state-of-the-art digital photography technology, specializing in product photography, food, shiny things and locations. 

Shiny Things, Food, Locations

Kelloway Studio is David Kelloway, specialist in product photography with a sub-specialty in shiny and reflective surfaces, color management and file prep, retouching, outlining, and digital asset management. Kelloway Studio uses only the highest quality and most advanced digital technologies, including large format digital backs and Nikon DSLR capture platforms.

Digital Asset Management

The studio is a leader in managing digital assets for all its clients. David Kelloway is a master with managing creative services, and currently consults and manages projects where source file integrity is key. We archive all source files on external disks with cloud management services providing client access.

Minneapolis Photo Center

David Kelloway is also a working professional-in-residence and instructor for the educational arm of the MINNEAPOLIS PHOTO CENTER, a pioneering 4,700 sq. foot creative co-op in the Minneapolis Warehouse District. This extraordinary studio offers in house large format printing and creative education in a central location with free parking in Downtown Minneapolis. The center is fully wireless with 5 Gigabit wi-fi available. Kelloway Studio is proud to be associated with this photography-centered community and its three core values of community, continuing education and supporting creativity.